Expatfare is H.I.S. International Tours' registered B2C website brand on the use of Expats. "www.expatfare.com" enables online airline ticket sales.


Expats, living in Turkey can register to expatfare.com and use advantages up to %20 off (without tax) for international flight bookings. Following flight discounts valid for expats departing from Turkey to country of origin.

Go to www.expatfare.com and click "Register" from home page.

You can make a booking and finalize without registration and you are able to create quick new account on check out page (when you have already selected your flight) OR By clicking "Register with us" fill the registration form and "Register". After filling registration form you will receive an activation e-mail with a link to activate your subscription. Please check your e-mail and click "activate" link. If you did not receive this email, please check your junk/spam folder or reach us on +90 212 401 70 27 or +90 533 340 02 31.


  • Flight information can be displayed quickly and reliably on search results page.
  • End prices, including taxes, are displayed on the system.
  • 24/7 accessible through help desk.
  • Purchased flight tickets can be invoiced to customer via electronic billing system.
  • You can get special discounts based on the rules.

Each airline has their own rules also there are some common conditions of airlines. Common conditions are;

  • Departure city must be in Turkey.
  • You must travel to your hometown and you must buy roundtrip ticket (not one way or multi-city).
Apart from that, you can reach detailed rules by clicking here.

Passengers who want to use discount have to bring related documents. For discount rules please click here.


  • Title
  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Middle Name (If exists on passport.)
  • Date of Birth
  • Foreigner ID No
  • Phone Number
  • Passport No
  • Passport Issuing Country
  • Passport Expiry Date
  • Nationality

You can choose your preferences for selected flight; such as meals, seats for outbound, inbound (departure and arrival flights) and disability facilities. These are special requests and subject to availability, not guaranteed. You can also enter your frequent flyer number for selected airline if you already have. For more information you can reach help desk on +90 212 401 70 27 or +90 533 340 02 31.

After entering passenger and billing details correctly, you have to mark checkboxes to accept Flight Ticketing & Sales Agreement, Form of Protection of Personal Data, General Terms and Conditions and confirm. You will be directed to payment page after this confirmation process.

Yes, there may be transaction fees depending upon bank, you will be able to see amount difference in the process of payment.

You can use Visa, Master, American Express credit cards and debit cards for payments.


You can edit your personal information by clicking on your login name and "Edit Profile".

You can change your password from '"Edit Profile".

Click on the Forgot Password link in the Expatfare login screen. Enter your registered email address. You will receive an email to the registered email address with the password reset link. Click the link and reset the password. You will now be able to login to your Expatfare account with your new password.

Yes, you can add your personal preferences to your profile from "Edit Profile". You can save your meal preference, seat preference, foreigner ID no, passport expiry date, passport issuance country and frequent flyer number to simplify your check out process when you are finalizing a booking.


In the aviation industry, a passenger name record (PNR) is a record in the database of a computer reservation system (CRS) that consists of the personal information for a passenger and also contains the schedule of events relating to planned travel, for the passenger, or a group of passengers travelling together. If your flights involve different airlines, there w separate PNRs for each carrier.

Online check-in is the process which passengers confirm their presence on a flight via the internet and typically print their own boarding passes. Many airlines have a deadline for passengers to check-in before each flight.

A boarding pass is a document provided by an airline during check-in, giving a passenger permission to board the airplane for a particular flight.

In the aviation industry, a flight number or flight designator is a code for an airline service consisting of two-character airline designator and a 1 to 4 digit number. For example, "TK 1951" is a Turkish Airlines service from Istanbul to Amsterdam.

Yes, you can earn miles on flights which have been issued through Expatfare.


Customers who purchased their tickets from help desk or through website, need to contact help desk on +90 212 401 70 27 or +90 533 340 02 31 to make any changes.

It is not possible to change the name on tickets which have been purchased.

Customers who purchased their ticket from expatfare.com can access their flight details on the website through "My Bookings" which locates under customer's login name. You can click (+) icon to see details for related flight and send "Cancellation Request". After our help desk team receive cancellation request and complete cancellation process, you will receive an e-mail which confirms cancellation. If you do not have access to the system to send cancellation request, you can reach help desk via helpdesk@expatfare.com or on +90 212 401 70 27 or +90 533 340 02 31.

You can view your bookings by clicking your login name, which locates on the right-hand side of screen and select "My Bookings".

After purchasing ticket & payment, you will receive an email, attached your flight ticket. Also, you can print out or download your flight ticket through "My Bookings" section by clicking your reference number.

You can check it from "My Bookings" section or call help desk on +90 212 401 70 27 or +90 533 340 02 31 for your flight information.

You can check in online directly through the website of airline which you have purchased, by entering your last name and Airline PNR.

You can access your mobile boarding pass through the website of airline which you have purchased, by entering your last name and Airline PNR.

Once you make a flight search you will be directed to search results page and if you want to change your search you can change it on same page by clicking modify search without going back to homepage.

  • Booking the tickets which you cannot book through system.
  • Changing a ticket.
  • Canceling a ticket.
  • Refunding a ticket.
  • Applying for membership.
  • Accounting transactions.
  • Getting support for any technical problem.

Passengers aged 0-2 are accepted as infants and older than 2, younger than 12, traveling with his/her family are accepted as a child passenger.

Yes, you can contact help desk on +90 212 401 70 27 or +90 533 340 02 31 or send e-mail to helpdesk@expatfare.com

You can book a seat through the website of airline which you have purchased, by entering your last name and Airline PNR.


You can purchase your tickets from www.expatfare.com homepage. You can also call help desk on +90 212 401 70 27 or +90 533 340 02 31 to purchase your ticket.

  • Travel Type (One way, roundtrip, multicity).
  • Departure and arrival destinations/dates.
  • Passenger type.
  • Nationality and country of residence information.

After entering Expatfare, select travel type (one way, roundtrip, multicity) and departure and arrival destinations/dates from search engine. Select passenger type and count (Adult/Child/Infant) count. "Nationality shall be shown as your defined nationality which specified on registration form by you."

You can change currency on home/search page by clicking "More Options". This feature allows you to view the flight results based on selected currency. When you click "Book Now", you will be directed to check out page and on this page, you will be able to see & pay for Turkish Lira only.

You can customize your search from "More Options". You can select your preferred airlines, cabin type (Economy, business etc.), and currency.

On the left-hand side of search results page, there are filter options which enable you to filter and customize your search results to find exactly what you want.

  • You can define your price range.
  • You can specify your flight schedule/timing as arrival and departure or both.
  • If you prefer connecting flight, you can select stop options and layover time.
  • You can select flight duration range, flare type (refundable, non-refundable).
  • You can specify your preferred airlines.
  • If there are more than 1 airport in departure or arrival city, you can mark your choice.

No, you are not able to reserve a ticket or lock the price. You should pay and finalize booking.

You can view fare breakup by clicking "Fare Breakup" which locates under each flight selection. You can see base fare, and taxes&fees separately in this section.

You can view fare rules by clicking "Fare Rules" which locates under each flight selection. If your travel type is roundtrip or multicity, you should check fare rules for all sections.

You can view baggage information by clicking "Baggage Information" which locates under each flight selection. If your travel type is roundtrip or multicity, you should check baggage information for all sections.

Yes, you can see detailed itinerary by clicking "Flight Itinerary" which locates under each flight selection. Also, you can send this itinerary to any email address or print out.

When you select this option, the minimum difference between the dates should be 6 days. (If you want to search less than 6 days you must unmark this option.) This feature provides you to see best available rates & airlines between that dates.