General Terms and Conditions


This Contract is issued to define the sales, booking, cancellation, refund and change of airline, cruise, package tours, accommodation tickets/services and similar services provided by H.I.S. Uluslararası Turizm Seyahat Acentası Ltd. Şti. (Hereinafter shall be referred to as "Expatfare" or "Company") through the access and/or use of the website ("Website") and to define the terms of use of the Services ("Services") on the website. Hereby the subject of this Contract is to define the provisions and terms for the User such that the User may benefit from the Website and the Services, and to regulate the rights and obligations of the Parties accordingly.

To use this website, please read the following terms. If you make any transaction on the Expatfare website, you hereby declare and guarantee that you have not violated any legal regulation by making such transaction and that you are at least eighteen (18) years old.

Before performing any transaction, you are required to tick the box "I agree to the "Privacy Policy" and "Terms of Use"".

If you do not agree to the terms here, please do not continue to use the Expatfare website. However, if you continue to use the Expatfare website, these terms shall be deemed to have been accepted by you.


1. Membership to the Website and General Provisions Regarding the Use of the Website

The User hereby acknowledges that he / she shall validate this Contract by providing the data requested by the Company in a complete, accurate and up to date manner in order to benefit from the Website and the Services. In case of any change in the data provided during the establishment of the User status or at any other time during benefiting from the Services, the User shall immediately update such information. The Company has no responsibility whatsoever for the inability to benefit from the Website or the Services because the data provided is incomplete, is misstated or not updated.

The Company may, in its sole discretion and without any reason, refuse User submissions or oblige the acceptance of the User application to additional terms and conditions. The Company may terminate the User's status by terminating this Contract at any time in case of violation of the terms and conditions set forth in this Contract and the Website, in case of detection that the data provided during the User application is not sufficient, accurate or up to date, in case the application of the User has previously been rejected, in case of receiving complaints about the User or receiving negative comments and such condition is deemed as a risk by the Company after a risk assessment and including similar reasons, based on justified reason or for no reason at all, without any notice and without any indemnity.

The user is personally responsible for the use and management of all information, including accounts, username and password that allow the use of the Website. Any action carried out by the User's account, username and password shall be deemed to have been carried out by the User in person, and in case such data is used by other person than User/ is lost or changed, the User shall be solely responsible for any damages suffered by the User and / or third parties. The User shall promptly notify the Company of any unauthorized use of his/her password or any other breach of security as soon as he/she becomes aware of the fact.

The User shall comply with the conditions, laws, ethics and decorum, principles of honesty set out in this Contract and on the Website that may be published from time to time in all transactions to be carried out on the Website, and shall not behave in any manner which may obstruct the operation of the Website in any way, and shall not behave in any manner that violate the rights of third parties or have a potential to violate the rights of the third parties.

All rights of the software, visuals and designs, content, logos and graphics in the Website belong to the Company. It is strictly forbidden to copy and / or use the information and / or software used in the Website's design, content and database creation, and/or use such data beyond gaining benefit from the Website, to copy, distribute, process and use any kind of pictures, text, images, files and similar data within the Website.

The regulation for the data and content provided by the User are regulated by the Privacy Policy, which is an annex and an integral part of this Contract and the Company shall not use and disclose the User data to the third parties beyond the scope of this Contract and the Privacy Policy.

The User acknowledges that access to the Website may be temporarily unavailable for the implementation of any improvements and other changes to be made on the Website.

The Company reserves the right to change the contents of these Terms and Conditions, the Privacy Policy of this Contract terms and any other terms published on the Website, make addendum to these or renew or reorganize the Website, subject, scope and content, and reserves the right to discontinue publication unilaterally without any reason and without any notice. Changes to the Contract, the Privacy Policy and other terms shall be effective on the date of publication on the Website and the User shall be deemed to have accepted the up to date conditions by using the Website. The User shall be responsible for the regular follow-up of such documents.

Any legal, administrative and penal responsibility arising from the use of the Website and the Services is owned by the User. The Company has no responsibility whatsoever in any way directly and / or indirectly for damages incurred or may be incurred by third parties as a result of the activities carried out by the User on the Website and / or in relation to the Services and / or the actions carried out in contradiction to this Contract and the law. Any claims made by the third parties within this scope and the damages that the Company suffers due to the fact that the User does not fulfill the obligations set forth in the Contract shall be revoked to the User for the payment of the damages incurred, along with the ancillaries in the first request.

Expatfare website does not have any responsibility whatsoever for technical failures, system malfunctions and errors that may occur in the ticketing sales of the Expatfare Website, disruptions in internet communication, but not limited to what is written here (long-term power outage etc.).

2. Terms of Payment

The user has the right to pay by credit card.

Any reservations made on the Expatfare website shall be deemed to have been completed upon full payment and upon the confirmation send by Expatfare The Expatfare website reserves the right to make any changes, additions and corrections.

The grand total price of the ticket, including taxes and other charges, to be purchased or booked is informed prior to the purchase of the ticket or prior to the conclusion of the booking process.

When you approve ticket purchase (including taxes and other charges), the amount of the ticket will be charged to the credit card used for payment. The credit card holder who is paying the ticket, is not obliged to be one of the passengers to travel. However, the companies that make the ticketing may request the credit card to be shown during the airport check-in. In the event that the credit card cannot be presented due to such a situation, Expatfare shall not be held responsible for application of refund due to inability to travel. The information required to perform the payment (e.g. credit card number) is not stored by the Company. This information is transmitted to the banks that the Company is in agreement with without any intermediary.

If you buy online tickets with your non-Turkish credit card, your bank may incur additional transaction fees. Firms may additionally charge luggage, boarding, seat selection, in-ship entertainment or communication systems, wheelchair service, food, drinks and snacks. If such additional costs are not included in the ticket, additional fees must be paid directly to the relevant firms. Expatfare cannot be held responsible for such additional costs that may arise.

If the User finds that there is a mistake after receiving the ticket, he / she is obliged to inform Expatfare's e-mail address immediately. Expatfare will try it's best to make an update which will be specified by the User under the available circumstances; however, does not guarantee that the necessary change will be made.

3. Baggage Rights

The tickets sold by Expatfare website are based on the baggage rights determined by the relevant firms.

4. Vaccines

Health warnings, vaccination requirements and travel information for your destination country are available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

Passengers wishing to obtain information on recommended vaccines should consult the National Health Service before traveling. We would like to inform you that the relevant firms do not accept any responsibility for passengers who do not comply with the recommendations for the prevention of infectious diseases.

5. Insurance Services

There is no insurance brokerage service provided yet through the Expatfare website.

6. Visa Services

Unless otherwise agreed by a separate contract, Expatfare does not provide visa services yet. You need to have your documents ready (passport, visa, ID etc.) that are required for travel with you. It is the User's responsibility to provide the necessary visa and other documents for the country to be traveled.

7. Force Majeure

"Force Majeure" shall be interpreted as events that cannot be prevented and events beyond the reasonable control of the relevant party, despite Expatfare carries out the necessary due diligence. In addition to this, force majeure is not limited to natural disasters, riots, wars, strikes, communication problems, infrastructure and internet failures, power outages and bad weather conditions; despite the fact that Expatfare has taken necessary precaution, security measures, attacks on the Expatfare website and system and similar situations are within the scope of force majeure.

Expatfare website has no responsibility whatsoever for any damages that may arise due to late performance or non-performance of any of these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in cases considered as force majeure legally. These and other cases shall not be considered as Expatfare's, delay, non-performance or default, or Expatfare shall not be liable for any compensation arising out of these situations.

8. Data Protection

For further information on the Personal Data Protection Act (KVKK), please read the Personal Data Protection tab on our website.

In accordance with KVKK, Expatfare collects and processes name, address, gender, citizenship and private information of the User revealing his / her diet preference, religious beliefs, health, any disability or any other need, only to perform contractual obligations, invoicing and related services so as to carry out the User's reservation effectively.

Pursuant to the KVKK, the information belonging to the User shall not be disclosed unless the User expresses tacit consent or otherwise required or permitted by law.

The information provided by the User shall be stored by Expatfare and may be used for promotional or marketing services by Expatfare or any other legal entity in the Expatfare Group, unless the User specifically states otherwise. Unless otherwise agreed, the Passenger shall consent to such use in accordance with any applicable legislation (as may be changed from time to time) in respect of Data protection.

9. Applicable Law and Authority

In the application, interpretation and legal relationships arising under these Terms of Use, Turkish Law shall be applied; except for Turkish law conflict rules in the case of presence of element of foreignness.

Istanbul (Çağlayan) courts and enforcement offices are authorized to resolve any disputes arising out of or that may arise from these Terms of Use.

The User / Member agrees and undertakes that he / she has read, understood and accepted all of these Terms of Use and acknowledges the accuracy of the data provided by him/her.